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QuantumRadio Logo

  Public-Service Scanner Radio Feed Provider for:

          Bay Village, Fairview Park, Lakewood, N. Olmsted, Rocky River and Westlake Police, Fire & EMS

Live Feed - Lakewood & Westshore PD-FD-EMS


 When seconds matter, hear it HERE first... Quantumradio utilizes a low-latency encoder on a high speed connection. Typically there is only a 15 to 20 second delay from the actual live feed.


To help identify which PD is transmitting at the time, refer to the following agency ID chart:  More detail below...

11xx = Bay Village -  Website

33xx = Fairview Park - Website

52xx = N. Olmsted -  Website

65xx = Rocky River -  Website

77xx = Westlake -  Website

2xx=Lakewood -  Website  (Left Channel Only)

Ohio State patrol phone numbers...
1-877-7PATROL  877-772-8765
1-800-GRAB DUI   800-472-2384

The websites for these agencies have been added for general info. Some offer down-loadable lists of police reports. Most of these cities also offer either a text or email alert program for safety issues affecting their residents.


*** NEW *** Traffic Web Cam Links:
  These are hi-res real-time cameras which update every few seconds - great for spotting traffic backups and road conditions.
   ( Listed from West to East or South to North for each highway...)
  ( Most are PTZ type so the angle of view may change per ODOT - Some Cams may be off-line for various reasons)

I-90 @ Columbia Webcam
I-90 @ Clague Webcam
I-90 @ SR2/Detroit Rd.  Webcam
I-90 @ US20/Wooster Rd Webcam
I-90 @ Hilliard Rd.  Webcam
I-90 @ Warren Rd. Webcam
I-90 @ W117 Webcam
I-90 @ West Blvd. Webcam
I-71 @ Puritas Rd. Webcam
I-71 @ W143 Webcam
I-71 @ W140 Webcam
I-71 @ W130 Webcam
I-71 @ W117 Webcam
I-480 @ SR237 Webcam
I-480 @ I-71 Webcam
I-480 @ W130 Webcam
Airport/I-71/Snow Rd. Webcam

Even More Traffic ODOT Cams ODOT WEBCAMS


New Stuff...

2016-12-26 -  Lots of simulcast/multipath/scatter signal chop/drop in past few weeks due to seasonal weather/foilage change. Have re-oriented antenna and seem to be getting reasonably consistent signal now.

2016-02-07 -  Lots of recent outages due to local network issues. Swapped out the main router which has just been flaky for the longest time... hoping this will keep things online 24/7 now.

2015-12-15  -  Changed out the embedded Feed Player at the top of this page - no longer requires Flash Player which might be helpful for some users...

2015-12-13  -  Updated the firmware for the router... feed was down for an hour and I soft-bricked the router, but seems to be ok now. Time will tell if data throughput and stability are improved.

  -  Extensive outage due to Router issue... was out of town at time and wasn't watching things...

2015-11-23  -  Encoder PC and Meta-data controller got wonky causing a brief outage-  rebooted. Seems to be back to normal...

2015-11-22  -  Corrected a audio bleed-over issue between the Left and Right feeds that was occurring in the stereo channels of the DSP. Also increased the Westshore activity triggering threshold to reduce false activity indications.

2015-08-08  -  Added an experimental Lakewood Alert Tone inhibit function (single tone). Allowed some tone to come through but at a greatly reduced level.

2015-08-07  -  Equipment issues resolved... Westcom Station Alert and Meta-Tag channel activity back online.

2015-02-09  -  Converted the disjointed Meta tag info near the bottom of this page into an easier-to-read chart.

2015-02-09  -  Outage of the Westshore right channel feed today. The receiver just would not stay locked on the control channel- had to do a significant antenna re-orientation to get it back - the Lakewood feed did not seem to be affected. 

2015-01-27  -  Previous free webhost got sold and killed this site - back online with new free host for the moment. Also made the info page a link to this page so as to avoid having to update 2 different sites.

2015-01-19  -  Added an antenna preamp to help with a signal fade issue on the primary control channel affecting the Westshore right ch. Seems to be helping based on a few days of observation.  Trimmed out some new stuff entries...

2015-01-03  -  Updates to this webpage adding some TRAFFIC CAM links of area interest. Removed some of the old "New Stuff" entries...

2014-11-07  -  System upgrade completed. Changed the broadcast stream encoder application to get more amplitude on the digital stream. This will produce louder volumes on phone-type Scanner Radio clients without adding clipping or distortion.  Re-introduced the Lakewood feed as well, now that I'm getting good audio on a test stream setup.

2014-10-25  -  Experimentally adding LAKEWOOD PD/FD/EMS on the mostly unused Left Channel.   We'll see how it goes...  If things get crazy just adjust the Balance Fader in the Scanner Radio or other player app to Left or Right depending on what you want to listen to. Scanner Radio app can also remember that balance setting if desired. (Bluetooth or other headphones make it possible to mostly distinguish both channels.) Right Channel is same as it was EXCEPT the Station Alert for WestCom is now mixed with the Right Channel with other PD/FD traffic so there will be overlap occasionally. The annoying data bursts will still be conveniently stripped out. Programming updated (if correctly) to show new Lakewood channel activity (and time since last active),

2014-10-16  -  Added an isolation transformer to eliminate the ground-loop AC hum issue - back to a reasonably quiet noise floor.

2014-10-15  -  Rebuilt the Meta Tag generation engine in the control processor- should be working slightly better now.

2014-10-12  -  Additional to the 10-12 upgrade... Have fully integrated the control processor to the DSP, and can now detect and eliminate most of the annoying data tone bursts preceeding and following a Station Alert call.

2014-10-12  -  *** SYSTEM UPGRADE *** The changing Fall weather and variable propagation have wrecked havoc on the P25 decode error rate lately. As a result, I have changed and relocated the antenna and have found a spot that minimizes simulcast reception from undesired towers. The error rate on all transmissions so far is at or near 0%.  I also made a radio change that cleans up the audio by reducing the loud "clicks" at the start and end-of-transmissions, however there's a bit of AC line noise I need to track down yet.

2014-07-08  -  Fairview Park PD has migrated to MARCS P25 Digital. The old westshore conventional feed on 155.61MHz will likely be eliminated soon. All Westshore agencies on MARCS IP now.

2014-02-23  -  Changed the MetaData data transfer scheme... now through an RS232 connection instead of TCP/IP. It's still not perfect but should be much more reliable overall.

2014-01-18  -  Dropped the Lorain/Avon feed in favor of a better-balanced Westshore/Westcom feed. There was getting to be too much traffic overlap between Westshore Law and Westcom Fire/EMS/River. Now the Marcs Digital WestCom and Rocky River PD will be moved to the right channel. Also adding experimentally the "Westcom Station Alert Call" on right channel. (453.3MHz). Allow 24 hrs for feed description to update.

2014-01-07  -  Added a beta "Time since last transmission" meta-tag status feature. After approx 1 minute of inactivity, text will display for each of the three main feeds showing number of minutes since last activity. "Activity" just means some sort of signal was picked up.

Feed Details:

- 3 (surplus- low budget operation :) Uniden/Bearcat receivers/scanners are used.
- DSP utilized to manage Eq , EMS Tone inhibit (for some).
- Control processor to manage agency-activity detection, Meta Tags and Fire/EMS Tone-Out inhibit.
- Old WinXP laptop with broken screen running Icecast encoder.

Left Channel :

- Lakewood PD/FD/EMS

Right channel :

- P25 MARCS DIGITAL TG 13503 and Fireground (WestCom Fire/EMS) and WestShore Group PD TG 13611 , CH2, Alt (Bay Village, Rocky River, N. Olmsted, Westlake , Fairview Park) and
Westcom Station Alert with data burst signals stripped out. On analog/conventional 453.3 MHz.
Operational Notes:

>>> Meta tags will indicate the following: 

Meta Tag Chart
  Meta tags can get delayed over time on some streaming players. Usually restarting the app/feed will resync. Currently display is optimized for "Scanner Radio" App (android)... may not look the same on other media players...

NOTE REGARDING ALERTS: Quantumradio will make an attempt to post alerts for certain events of public interest if available to do so at the time. Information posted is directly based on initlal agency reports which may or MAY NOT be accurate. Every attempt is made to post accurate information. There is a SUBSTANTIAL delay from when the alert is posted to when it appears on Scanner apps such as Scanner Radio (5-10 minutes).

Quantumradio recommends free "Scanner Radio" app by Gordon Edwards for mobile devices. Best performing app with the most features. ( not affiliated... just what I use mostly)

Has a balance control to either turn one channel or the other completely off or at reduced volume. The Pro Ad-free version also offers an EQ on some devices.

Another Player I use for the Android platform is "VLC for Android".  Since it is a generic station stream player, you will initally have to launch a browser in android and go to the Broadcastify site/page with the desired scanner feed, then select "Winamp" for the stream type, the hit the Play icon. You should then get a prompt to Open and select "V LC" as the player. Once it is playing you can save the Playlist group in VLC.  Next time you can just launch the app directly and select from your list of favorite feeds. One cool feature is its built in equalizer/booster. This means you can custom tune the playback level and EQ from quiet to LOUD. It displays the MetaTags nicely also.  It also has a selectable receive buffer for low low latency. Of course it's great for internet radio as well because it's one of the very few players with an EQ. I used to recommend the "DeadBeef" Player, but found it occasionally lost my saved list of stations...


- This feed is provided as a free community service and there is no guarantee of performance.

- Please observe Federal/State/Local ordinances regarding mobile reception of this feed.

- Comments/suggestions regarding this feed can be made by logging into the radioreference.com forums, and clicking the link below. Then select the "Contact Info" tab.


        " Thanks for Listening In ! "